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The podcast about the mind for people who think

Mar 1, 2017

Welcome to this bonus challenge show. Want to learn how to storytell? Join me as guest of the Who cares? What's the point? podcast at the amazing Speaking with Purpose event on 27 March ($500+ value) in Wellington, NZ (you will need to make your own way there).

Listen to this short show and check out the flyer attached to find out how. 

Complete three steps in this challenge:

  1. Follow @wcwtp on twitter, and share a link to a show in a tweet to your network, saying something you liked about the show or series
  2. Like the Who Cares What’s the Point? page on Facebook here and share a link to a show with a show comment about the show to your network
  3. Leave a review on iTunes about the show - search for Who Cares? What’s the Point?
In case you’re forgotten, here’s a link to the show: 
Mail me at when you’ve completed the challenge, letting me know your ID on these networks so I can have a look. Each challenge completed gets you a chance to score a seat at the conference. Closing date for completing the challenge is the end of the day on March 17. I’ll let the luck conference-goer know on 19 March :)