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The podcast about the mind for people who think

Feb 27, 2017


In this episode, I talk with Rebecca Webster  who is based at King's College in the University of London, UK.  In this conversation, we focus on Rebecca's work on s systematic review on the 'nocebo effect' - what it is and how it might work. We also talk about what researchers mean when they talk about a systematic...

Feb 20, 2017


In this episode, I talk with Emeritus Professor Michael Corballis, who is based at the university of Auckland in New Zealand. Professor Corballis is an internationally acclaimed scholar and one of his most recent accolades is the ward of the Rutherford Medal by the Royal Society of New Zealand. In this conversation,...

Feb 20, 2017

Hi and welcome to Who Cares? What's the point?

Season 1 is in the bag - and here’s the run down of the shows I have broadcast so far: 

  1. Dr Matt Williams, New Zealand - What influence could climate change have on human aggression?
  2. A/Prof Claire Vallotton, USA - Father's parenting stress and toddler language...